Connecting SmartUp with Zoom

This page contains documentation for integrating the SmartUp platform with Zoom.

Note: Only community administrators can connect their SmartUp accounts to their Zoom accounts.

Adding Zoom to SmartUp

Follow these steps to connect your SmartUp account with your Zoom account:

  • After logging in to your SmartUp account, to go the Account Settings page
  • Under Connect to Meeting platform, look for Zoom and click on Connect
  • You will be redirected to enter your Zoom credentials
  • Verify the requested permissions and click on Authorize
  • After completing the authorization, a confirmation banner will appear on the Discover page of your SmartUp community
    You will now be able to schedule Zoom meetings on SmartUp.

Scheduling Meetings on SmartUp

As a community administrator, you can schedule meetings on all learning paths. First, click on the Create New Meeting+ in any learning path.

After customizing your meeting details, click on the Save button.

The meeting will now be visible to users on the learning path.

Disconnecting Your SmartUp Account from Zoom

Follow these steps to disconnect your SmartUp account from Zoom

  • Navigate to your Account Settings page
  • Under the Zoom option in Connect to meeting platform, click on Disconnect

    Once you have successfully disconnected, a confirmation banner will appear.