SmartUp is a dynamic knowledge-sharing platform.

Mobile-first. Gamified. Peer-to-peer

Help your employees and teams learn better – anywhere, anytime.

Innovate How You Learn

SmartUp is fully integrated on mobile and web. Keep learning – day or night, at the office and on the go.

Build your own journeys with courses, open and closed channels, and streams.

Easily adapt and distribute content to employees and teams across offices, cities, countries and languages.

  • SmartUp is transforming how teams create and share knowledge.

    Monir Azzouzi Head of Performance & Development, Maxis

Create Your Own Content

SmartUp democratizes knowledge with peer-to-peer microlearning creation.

Create your own interactive content with text, pictures, infographics, and videos.

Collaborate with your colleagues and teams. Managers can curate content according to what your organization wants and needs.

Our CMS tool is easy and intuitive, no experience necessary. Simply share and show what you know.

  • SmartUp has changed our view of what can be achieved for our people through creative, relevant, fun mobile learning.

    Warren Downey Deputy CEO, JLT Asia

Incentivize and Reward your Teams

SmartUp Communities are gamified to inspire and challenge.

Learners earn points with quizzes and polls, for reading and creating.

Dynamic leaderboards show your top performers, and certificates reward their best achievements.


Uncover and Map Your Talent

PDFs and Powerpoint are one-way; they don’t show what people learn and know.

SmartUp’s analytics suite maps knowledge and talent.

Track your people’s learning journeys to uncover hidden talent in your organization.

See completion rates, quiz and poll results, individual learner profiles, and much more.

Pinpoint skills and interests, and connect your employees to harness their strengths.

Learn with SmartUp SnapShots

Blending learning and assessments with deep-dives into today’s hottest topics

  • Digital Readiness
  • Entrepreneurial Mindset
  • Design Thinking
  • FinTech Disruption
  • Diversity
  • Data Privacy and Security
  • Blockchain Tech
  • PropTech
  • And many more!
With exclusive insights from maverick founders, startup innovators, and our network of partners.