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Build an app with your own logo. Includes tools like social sharing, chat, and leaderboards
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Mobile first design enables synced learning from smartphone, desktop and tablet anytime.

• People can share, comment and chat on every content item just as they would on social media.

You can brand the app or keep ours, it's up to you.


You can be your own learning designer with our intuitive content creation tool! Engage your learners by adding polls and quizzes with just a click of a button.
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• Our content creation tool is simple to use and allows you to upload content in a range of formats, such as videos, infographics and pictures.

• Add quizzes and polls easily within each content item.

• Decide on your topics and create channels grouping content together.

• Create communities of people by adding them to the topics.

Empower others to upload content and curate what appears, whilst staying in control.


Get all the analytics you need on the same platform and generate detailed reports to nurture your people better. Track learners' progress, content interaction, and more.
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• Displays all your critical adoption analytics – in real-time.

• Simply review content completion rates and quiz/poll results – per user, topic or content item.

• Enables you to react quickly and improve content.
Got two minutes? Watch this short video explaining the key features of our platform.