SmartUp Trivia!

75% of SmartUp
employees prefer coffee
to hot chocolate

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People of SmartUp

  • Adrian Ambrus
      Adrian Ambrus Back-end Developer
    • Alan Murphy
      Alan Murphy Back-end Developer
    • Alexandra Ciuntu
        Alexandra Ciuntu Content Producer
      • Alexandru Derecichei
        Alexandru Derecichei Front-end Developer
      • Alvise Martini
        Alvise Martini Business Development Manager
      • Berti Kato
          Berti Kato Mobile Developer
        • Brent Hoberman
          Brent Hoberman Co-Founder
        • Deborah Tan-Pink
          Deborah Tan-Pink Global Head of Marketing
        • Eunice Goh
          Eunice Goh Account Manager
        • Frank Meehan
          Frank Meehan CEO & Co-founder
        • Henry Lane Fox
          Henry Lane Fox Co-Founder
        • Iulia Oltean
          Iulia Oltean Global Head of HR
        • Krisztina Kovacs
          Krisztina Kovacs QA Engineer
        • Laura Suarasan
          Laura Suarasan Content Producer
        • Laurence Smith
          Laurence Smith Head of Asia
        • Mate Lang
          Mate Lang Chief Technology Officer
        • Oana Sabau
          Oana Sabau Back-end developer
        • Teodor Druta
          Teodor Druta Front-end Developer

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