Ingenia Consultants Pte. Ltd. is a Singapore-based managed service provider assisting financial institutions in licensing, compliance, and internal audit.

The Challenge

Commonly, employees of financial institutions attend compliance training sessions once per year. Unfortunately, participants in standalone training tend to forget about the learnings within a few days of the training. Ingenia wants to keep the employees of the financial institutions it supports aware and alert of their obligations and the red flags they should be looking out for.

As a result, Ingenia was looking for a solution to provide their clients with access to repeated compliance training in a way that was attractive, or, at the very least, with very little pain.

Why Ingenia Chose SmartUp

Before coming across the SmartUp platform, Ingenia was considering building its own tool. However, after learning more about SmartUp, Ingenia decided that the SmartUp platform was attractive and would be useful to release short training modules to their clients.

Ingenia found that training in SmartUp can be made attractive and interactive by embedding pictures, infographics, videos as well as polls and quizzes. Moreover, Ingenia was looking to use SmartUp’s Leaderboard feature to drive training attendance by allowing learners to compare the points earned in the process of consuming content with their peers. Ingenia is of the view that this gamification of the training content increases participant engagement.

The Leaderboard feature also provides the senior management of Ingenia’s clients’ insights into which of their staff are actively going through these training sessions.


The Results

SmartUp has enabled Ingenia to achieve their main goal of delivering ongoing compliance training to their clients’ staff. At the same time, Ingenia has been able to streamline their training delivery. Currently, Ingenia has created induction training on topics such as anti-money laundering (AML) and countering the financing of terrorism (CFT), and cyber hygiene. These basic training courses are delivered to every new employee of Ingenia’s client financial institutions.

Furthermore, Ingenia delivers an average of two compliance training modules per month to clients on topics in AML/CFT, technology risk management, personal data production, and conduct, to all employees of its client financial institutions, whether they are new joiners or long-term employees. These regular training modules keep staff vigilant of their compliance duties.

 At the same time, the intuitive content creation tool on SmartUp enables Ingenia to quickly design training modules on new developments in financial regulations and the industry. One example was the publication of the Terrorism Financing National Risk Assessment 2020. Shortly after the publication by the authorities, Ingenia released a training module to update the staff of its clients.

 Last but not least, Ingenia has taken SmartUp’s Leaderboard feature and designed a custom interface where the points earned from each user across the different client communities are anonymised and combined to compare the training engagement among the staff and the clients of Ingenia.  All learners can see their own standing and the standing of their company in comparison to their industry peers. This comparison creates a heightened sense of competition to motivate learners. In addition, it allows the senior management of each client financial institution to compare their training standards with that of their peers.


SmartUp provides a simple and efficient way to offer constant, engaging training to our clients and keep their employees aware of their compliance duties and obligations.

SmartUp ensures the prompt delivery of our continuous training to our clients. Their team is helpful, responsive to our inquiries and continues to inspire us with ideas and advice.

Rolf Haudenschild, Co-founder, Ingenia Consultants Pte. Ltd.


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