How iDA'SG worked with SmartUp to create a one-stop go-to digital touchpoint to upskill retail professionals in Singapore


iDA Singapore (iDA’SG) is a retail consultancy offering solutions and services to the retail industry in Singapore and is part of the World Mode Holdings group. iDA’SG also serves as the hub for its regional footprint, which includes Vietnam, Taiwan, and Australia, and has a growing presence in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia etc. Some of iDA’SG’s offerings include:

  1.     Recruitment Solutions
  2.     Training Solutions
  3.     Media Solutions
  4.     Retail Technology
  5.     Community Building

The Challenge
In 2020, the retail industry was badly hit by the Covid-19 pandemic. Amidst the pandemic, there was a need for retail professionals to upskill and adapt to the changing retail landscape, which saw a boom in e-commerce. Although 85% of retail professionals understood the importance of learning to keep up with current trends, many of them admitted that they had not mastered the necessary skills to perform their roles optimally.

Another concern among retail professionals was that outside of the respective brands they were attached to, there were not many opportunities available to network and learn from each other. However, the restrictions that arose because of the pandemic made it difficult to conduct the face-to-face training needed to allow retail professionals to update their skills.

In response, iDA’SG looked to create a digital platform as a one-stop go-to touchpoint for retail professionals in Singapore to access retail-related and personal development topics and network with each other.

Why iDA’SG Chose SmartUp
After considering a few alternatives, iDA’SG decided on the SmartUp platform and the Retail Infinity community was born. SmartUp was chosen for several reasons:

  1. Ease of Content Creation
    The wide array of content types available e.g. videos, images, documents, links to external websites made the content creation process a breeze for iDA’SG as training providers.
  2. Engagement with Learners
    Learning was accessible via a mobile app, and this made it extremely easy for learners to learn whenever they wanted to. The poll and quiz functions provided the opportunity to create engaging content for learners to test their knowledge and gather feedback.
  3. Learner Insights
    Generating reports to measure learner activity and content engagement/completion is extremely easy, allowing for continuous content refinement to best suit learner needs.


The Retail Infinity Community on SmartUp


The Results

Using the SmartUp platform has enabled iDA’SG to easily create microlearning content in their private community, allowing retail professionals to access mobile content and learn on the go. Whenever new content is published, users are seamlessly notified, ensuring that they do not miss out on any learning opportunities.

As Covid-19 restrictions in Singapore begin to ease, Retail Infinity is also being used to support iDA’SG’s blended learning initiatives, with the SmartUp platform being used as a post-learning tool to support Retail Infinity seminars. In the post-pandemic world, digitalization is looking to remain a mainstay in how retail training is conducted.

SmartUp was chosen as our top choice for its easy-to-use interface and its array of benefits we saw. The support provided by the SmartUp team has also greatly assisted us in utilizing the platform to its fullest potential.

Angeline Yap, Managing Director, iDA’SG

If you’re part of the retail industry and are interested in signing up for Retail Infinity, register here.

Are you interested to find out more about how you can use SmartUp to deliver bite-sized microlearning content on the go? Get in touch with us here to find out more about how we can serve your needs.