Enjoy Talking is a Spanish-based community that teaches English to youths and adults. It is not just an English class, though, as Enjoy Talking aims to empower their youths with soft skills and practical knowledge from businesses in different fields. Enjoy Talking has a social impact by providing personalised guidance, connecting youths with companies and imparting them with necessary real-life knowledge through training programmes.


Why Enjoy Talking Chose SmartUp

Enjoy Talking was looking for a content-learning platform that was easy to use and provided knowledge and training at their students’ fingertips. The platform had to be able to reach youths around the world, allowing them to learn together despite the distance between them and their different day-to-day schedules. Enjoy Talking was also attracted by the ability to keep track of their students’ advancement and achievements.


The Results

SmartUp has enabled Enjoy Talking to empower their users to access micro-learning content easily, from wherever they are. Enjoy Talking has found out that their youths’ motivation to learn and study has been “impressively high”. Enjoy Talking also organises weekly meet-ups to enhance their students’ learning further as they gather to share their experiences.


The platform is the place where learning becomes solid and remains forever.

Adolfo Agesta, Creator and Founder of Enjoy Talking


Enjoy Talking has discovered that learning must go beyond merely content knowledge as drawing a connection to real-life uses and examples in their environment allow youths to learn better. The SmartUp platform has allowed Enjoy Talking to personalise their learning and enable their students to learn by discovering.


I could say many positive things about my experience with SmartUp, but I will say these two: “Always Supportive” and “Always Ongoing”. It is a place where real learning and engagement takes place.

Adolfo Agesta, Creator and Founder of Enjoy Talking


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