The Kempinski Hotels group is Europe’s oldest luxury group, serving customers across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and the Americas. The Apurva Kempinski in Bali represents the group in Indonesia.

As part of SmartUp’s ongoing partnership with PictureWealth to improve financial literacy in the workforce, enable people to better organize and plan their personal lives, and improve the overall employee value proposition, staff from The Apurva Kempinski were given access to the SmartUp platform.

Over the 2-week campaign, more than 600 staff members from The Apurva Kempinski were challenged to learn, share their opinions, and had their knowledge tested on all aspects of Financial Literacy, which included:

  • Protect & Secure
  • Smarter Spending
  • Borrowing Wisely
  • Saving & Investing
  • Starting a Business
  • Income & Career


Based on the data gathered over the campaign period, these were some of the insights around usage of the platform:

  1. Content was completed voluntarily at a rate of 98.6%, which is above the platform benchmark of 80-90%
  2. There was active staff participation in learning all week round, especially on Thursdays and Fridays
  3. Staff were consuming content even on weekends, which meant that the learning was not viewed as “work”
  4. There were high levels of engagement throughout the days, especially after working hours, peaking at around 8 pm and 9 pm


The campaign was well-received, with 86% of users having “wished they had learned some of these concepts years ago”. The knowledge gained also encouraged further sharing among learners’ individual networks, with 67% of users intending to share “more often some of the knowledge they have learned with their children, spouse, partner, or other people”.

Ease of use of the SmartUp platform was common feedback among learners, with one user mentioning that the app is “very compact, user friendly, and has no problems during large-scale use”. Another user mentioned that “the interface is well-structured and very easy to use”.

Additionally, the gamification component was helpful in increasing learner engagement, with one user mentioning that the Leaderboard feature on SmartUp “is a brilliant idea to motivate leaders”.

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