About Thai Banking Academy

Since its establishment by a group of leading bankers in 1958, the Thai Bankers’ Association (TBA) has played an active role in representing the banking community. The TBA takes part in discussions with the Bank of Thailand, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Commerce, and other government agencies, helping to formulate and implement key economic and financial policies.
The Thai Banking Academy (TBAC) is a learning institute created by the Association. Their main objectives are to:
– Reskill human capital amidst the disruptive financial technology market
– Uplift ethical and professional standards leading to accreditation
– Partner with universities and learning institutes to develop future banking practitioners
– Increase cost efficiency in people development for member banks.

1. The Challenge

Given the diverse background and locations of more than 150,000 employees in 15 Thai banks, the Thai Banking Academy (TBAC) must offer content that can set a common standard and be able to reach out and engage learners effectively.
Due to the speed of digital transformation in the Thai banking system, TBAC’s priority is to help their people learn new skills on a large scale, for the future. The new skills can be digitally-related or enhance banking skills, so people can adapt to new job requirements.

2. The Solution

SmartUp is a market-leading learning experience platform and consultancy, helping organisations of all sizes and sectors around the world create a highly engaged and interactive learning culture.
TBAC is now using SmartUp’s next-generation learning experience platform, where their market compliance learning content will be created, curated and moderated. Thai banking employees will be able to learn about critical market compliance topics at any time and share their learning experience, on any device. Perfect for their geographically spread, remote workforce.
SmartUp integrated all the features that people love, from the best social and workplace platforms, producing a familiarity that drives an addictive adoption of learning. It allows Thai banking employees to compete, comment and like to their heart’s content.
The platform also provides TBAC with a sleek dashboard that allows them to track adoption and nurture talent. Completion rates of content, learner profiles and poll results are all easily available at the touch of a button.
No matter how good a platform is, if the learning brand or content isn’t fit for the audience and constructed through the lens of the learner, it won’t have an impact. It’s why we always start with the audience and understanding TBAC’s younger employee demographic is crucial. SmartUp learning experts are helping TBAC to outline and deliver their learning strategy, including advice on quality content which their younger employees will love! All content on the platform is being augmented with videos, pictures and infographics.

3. What’s Next?

As the banking landscape evolves to a more digital-first approach in Thailand, the academy will continue to partner with SmartUp, enabling them to continuously prepare their people for the future and help them to learn new skills for their career growth.
SmartUp and TBAC look forward to driving success from this partnership, transforming the banking environment in Thailand through a market-leading learning experience.