About Maxis

Maxis is Malaysia’s biggest telecommunications company with over 3,000 employees in over 50 offices nationwide. Maxis values and prioritise new ways of working, keeping things smart and simple, as well as continuously striving for an unmatched customer experience to both external (consumers and enterprises) and internal customers (employees) in everything that they do.

1. The Challenge

Maxis felt that traditional forms of communication and learning resources were inefficient and ineffective for their employees. This meant that:

  • Audience first
    • Maxis needed to look at their audience and work out how they wanted to learn. Their existing training was not getting the engagement they wanted.
  • Smartphone first
    • Employees wanted to access content on their smartphones. So they could learn anywhere, at anytime. This was critical as most were based in stores.
  • Consumable
    • Learning content needed to be quick, engaging and fun. Lengthy text training documents were just not cutting it for their employees.

2. The Solution

As a company, Maxis has a clear digital-first vision with a passion for innovation. In keeping with ever-shifting trends in digital tools and employee behaviours, their HR team looked at digital solutions to create more effective internal communication as well as mobile-first bite-sized learning content.
Maxis found that the SmartUp platform was an elegant solution to bridge the gaps in communication and learning. They joined forces with SmartUp to roll out their new learning experience platform. It allowed them to:

  • The HR team at Maxis were able to easily upload content to their new platform so their people could learn anywhere, at any time and on any device.
  • Maxis employees could share content, chat, comment and like. This capability ensured maximum engagement with the development programmes on the platform.
  • The Maxis team were given access to a sleek dashboard with extensive analytics to track adoption, improve content and nurture talent.
Increased adoption via workshops and support groups on how to:
  • Upload content
  • Adapt the platform to their needs
  • Create content


In order to successfully launch the tool to their employees, Maxis worked in close collaboration with SmartUp on a launch campaign. They facilitated a one-month-long campaign, encouraging employees to upskill themselves using SmartUp’s curated content on digital transformation, tracking their progress and completions on a leaderboard.
This led up to a final Live Gameshow, in which their top readers from every division competed against each other for the top spot in our SmartUp Digital Challenge. Check out our videos of the Gameshow!

3. The Results

400+ modules launched

30,000+ modules completed in 2018 alone

93% adoption rate to date

4. Why SmartUp

In Maxis’s words:

Overall, we are really happy with the level of support provided by SmartUp. Since the launch, we’ve also used the platform in new and dynamic ways, as both a survey and engagement tool, allowing constructive discussions on key topics and even for our employees to provide feedback and rate the effectiveness of their manager against the Maxis leadership expectations. Some departments have even requested their own private channels in SmartUp as a resource and knowledge bank within their department.
We look forward to leveraging all the new features SmartUp are developing for their platform in 2019!