About JLT

Jardine Lloyd Thompson Group plc, also known as JLT, is a British multinational corporation with headquarters in London, England. Part of the FTSE 250 Index, it provides insurance, reinsurance, employment benefits advice and brokerage services.

1. The Challenge

In 2015, JLT’s regional CEO and Deputy CEO toured Asia to understand the key priorities of every leadership team in the region.
Three key findings emerged.

  • Training gap
    • Business leaders unanimously desired structure technical training for JLT’s people.
  • Talent shortage
    • JLT needed to create its own experts due to the talent shortage within the industry in Asia.
  • Investment
    • JLT had to constantly invest in its people and their careers. This meant that teams within the region had more need than ever for development programmes.

In response to this JLT established JLT University (JLTU) to transform into a learning organisation.
The aim was to develop its people into skilled specialists, facilitating the sharing of information and skills. 
Ultimately JLTU was created to help recruit and retain the best team in the industry.
The challenge they needed to quickly address was how to bring JLTU to 1,800 people across a region diverse in geography, culture, age and skillsets. People were waiting too long for face to face training.
JLT needed to address scalability if they were to give all employees access to consistent training and product knowledge, regardless of location.

2. The Solution

JLT University joined forces with SmartUp to roll out their new learning experience platform.

  • The team at JLTU could easily upload content to the platform so their people could learn anywhere, at any time and on any device.
  • JLT’s people could then share content, chat, comment and like. This capability ensured maximum engagement with the development programmes on the platform.
  • The JLTU team were given access to a sleek dashboard with extensive analytics to track adoption, improve content and nurture talent.
Increasing adoption
  • SmartUp supported JLT to ensure everyone made full use of the platform.


To launch the platform they scheduled a single regional launch event with town halls in every office across the region. This was supported with a video message from the JLT Regional CEO and presentations by Country CEO’s on the purpose of JLTU and how mobile learning can support the business and individuals. 

The team established a group of “ambassadors” prior to launch and had these people try the app first. Having a group of seasoned users on hand, meant that there were programme champions from the start and anyone with problems could troubleshoot with colleagues.

A considered long term content release schedule and communication plan was created to support continued engagement, including the following components which the team at SmartUp recommended as best practice:

  1. Points earned based on content learnt, creating leaderboards.
  2. Regular updates on new content, leaderboards and most improved.
  3. Increased intensity over campaign lifetime.
  4. Regular recognition of progress increases adoption with ‘the game’.
  5. Member content creation increases points and personal branding.
  6. Small prizes are awarded to enhance recognition.

3. The Results

400+ modules launched across 7 channels

50,000+ modules completed across all countries

60% adoption rate across all regions

90% adoption rate in some countries

4. Why SmartUp

During the initial consideration of eLearning, JLT met with a number of companies offering a variety of learning platforms. SmartUp stood out for a variety of reasons. Here is what they said made SmartUp standout:


It doesn’t look like an eBook! Through considered platform structuring and creative content creation we can develop a very attractive face of JLT University for foundation level learning. We also feel ‘bite size’ content, great imagery and the use of polls, quizzes and gamification create an attractive environment for learning.

Content ownership

Whilst the platform is owned by SmartUp the content is ours. It truly is ‘for the business, by the business’ as we (with our experts) create all of our own content. This means all of the content is relevant and can help support the JLT mission and drive culture.

More than learning

The platform not only addresses our learning needs but also serves as a communications function; knowing who has read communications and with the potential to check understanding through questions and poll opinion is a huge step forward. We also saw that we could cover onboarding content and broaden external awareness through a ‘Big Picture’ channel.


The system is intuitive and easy to use, both for content creation and consumption.

The team

The SmartUp team is made up of people from a range of backgrounds from Learning and Development. They are innovators and are continually developing the platform.

Insights and analysis

The platform provides rich management information.

“As default eLearning sceptics, SmartUp has transformed our view of what can be achieved for our people through creative, relevant, fun mobile learning.”
– Warren Downey, CEO JLT PCS and Chairman of JLTU Steering Committee