About Gemba Partners

Gemba Partners are a consultancy based in Romania. Specialising in lean management, they help businesses improve their processes and efficiency. 
Their clients typically have between 2,000 and 3,000 employees. All of which need to be engaged and brought along the journey.

1. The Challenge

In every project Gemba Partners runs, it is critical that they can transfer knowledge and upskill people. 
The difficulty is, most of their customers’ people don’t like to read and learn from PowerPoint or PDF. Whilst the team were uploading great content to their website during each project, no one was accessing it! They were looking for a solution that made sharing information:

  • Friendly
    • One-way static PDFs and PowerPoints were not cutting it when it came to engaging their customers’ people in projects. They needed something more fun and user-friendly.
  • Accessible
    • Information needed to be accessed whenever and wherever people needed it, in the easiest way possible.
  • Less complex
    • The simpler the better. Gemba Partners were keen to increase adoption throughout a project, but often it was fed back that the information was over-complicated.

2. The Solution

Gemba Partners joined forces with SmartUp to roll out their new learning experience platform.

  • The team at Gemba Partners uploaded their training content to the platform for a customer project for over 2,000 people. All those involved could access information and be up-skilled anywhere, at any time and on any device.
  • The customers’ people could now learn, share content, comment on it and ask any questions as needed. The increased flexibility helped ensure maximum engagement with the programme.
  • Gemba Partners were given access to a sleek dashboard containing extensive analytics, allowing them to track adoption with the platform, improve content and ensure the project was a success.

3. The Results

40+ modules launched

189+ modules completed in 2018 alone

80% adoption rate to date

4. Why SmartUp

SmartUp stood out for a variety of reasons against other platforms they were considering: In Gemba Partner’s words:

Everybody loved the ease of use

We were able to really easily upload training content, get it looking good and make it interactive with polls. Now our customers are looking for the information, as they enjoy reading the content and can easily access it on their mobile device.

Engagement with content skyrocketed!

People loved the points and leaderboards on learning content. Now we can check the dashboard and see who is falling behind. This meant that the Agile training we were delivering was made more fun. We couldn’t believe the reaction of 45-55-year-old adults to the polls, everyone became very competitive!

Dashboard to help improve training

We can now gauge who is reading content and the points that members are achieving.

Using this information, we can tweak the content to increase adoption. Such as adding images and polls. We have also been rolling out the use of incremental questions within training content, which helps users to take a break, look at the content, pause and reflect before they move on.

“The SmartUp team was very responsive throughout the project. They really understood what we were trying to achieve and the technical aspects of how their product could help us create an awesome learning experience. Compared to other solutions we looked at, I would say the simplicity of the user experience was really stand out.”
– Marius, Gemba Partners
“I loved the way the SmartUp team spent personal time answering questions during the onboarding. First contact is very important with platforms like this – you need to know exactly what you are getting. The team were so friendly and helpful. It just reassured you straightaway.”
– Radu, Gemba Partners