After months of preparation and hard work, the SmartUp Team is excited to announce a major release on our platform. The first part of our major release contains a refreshed platform look for a greater learning experience and the Assessments feature to allow for more formal quizzing.

The platform interface now has a sleeker look to enhance your learning experience and you’ll find our updated look across all user pages, from content creation to content consumption. 

Enhanced learning experience

The Discover Page


Consuming Content


The My Content Page


In addition to the aesthetic changes, we’ve also made some improvements to the flow of content creation and content management. You can now create courses and assessments (more on that later) directly from the Discover page. 

Quiz cards during content creation have also been tweaked, and choosing between Single Choice and Multiple Choice quiz options is more straightforward than ever.

Channel Management has also been improved, with a dropdown menu to access all the required functions easily.



With the Assessments feature, community administrators will now be able to create structured assessments to test the learner’s knowledge. This feature comes with some key capabilities:

  1. Setting Overall Passing Mark and Number of Assessment Attempts
    You’ll be able to set an overall passing mark for the assessment and the total number of attempts that a learner has to take the assessment should they fail. If a user does not meet the passing mark, they can retake the assessment up to the chosen number of times.
  2. The Ability to Create Subsections within the same Assessment
    Creating subsections within assessments allows you to break down an assessment into different sections. For example, an assessment on healthy living could be broken down into sleep, diet, exercise etc. Furthermore, you can also toggle the subsection passing mark function, which allows you to set passing marks individually for each subsection. As long as a learner meets each subsection’s passing mark and the overall passing mark for the assessment, they will pass the assessment.

A free trial of the Assessments feature is available in all communities. As part of the trial, Community Admins can create and publish two assessments in your community. For more information on how to create assessments, refer to this guide. To learn how to manage assessments in channels, click here.

If you’re an existing user of SmartUp and would like to find out more about Assessments or activate the full version of the feature, kindly get in touch with your account manager.

If you’re looking to find out more about how SmartUp can serve your assessment needs, reach out to us here.