Our team is happy to announce that the Learning Path feature is now live on the SmartUp platform! 🎉

The release of the feature enables structured learning within our client communities. What does that mean? Essentially, this new feature allows administrators to string courses and/or assessments together for members who are required to meet a set of training objectives.

For instance, a learning path focused on digital marketing may contain various courses on Google Analytics, SEO optimization, Paid Advertising, LinkedIn Marketing etc., ending off with the relevant assessment modules.

Once a learning path has been created, it will be visible to users provided they have been added to it.

Another nifty feature of the Learning Path feature is that upon successful completion (which includes passing any assessments included in a learning path), users will be awarded a certificate of completion, which can be accessed from within each learning path and their user profile. This certificate will be accessible for users to upload on their various social media handles e.g. LinkedIn.

The learning path feature will be available as part of the set of additional premium features available to all SmartUp communities and once activated, will appear alongside the Channels section of each community.

To find out more about you can begin delivering structured content and certificates to your users, get in touch with us here.