Are you looking to release your own mobile learning app but have neither the time nor resources to build one from scratch? In that case, SmartUp’s white-label app solution is right up your alley.

What Exactly is A White-Label App And Why Do I Need One?

Essentially, a white-label app is one that is built by one company and used by another company with the second company’s branding. For instance, Company A builds an app which Company B really likes but wants its own branding attached to the app. Company B then gets Company A to build a white-label app for its use.

As part of SmartUp’s product offering, we offer our clients the option to have their very own white-label app. This means that you can get the SmartUp platform, dressed up in your company’s branding.

Instead of downloading the SmartUp application from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, your users will be able to download an app tailored to your company’s branding.

SmartUp’s Partnership with A-PSDE

One of SmartUp latest clients to use our white-label app solution is the Asian Pacific Society for Digestive Endoscopy or A-PSDE for short, and the team at SmartUp is very excited to welcome them aboard. Read on to find out more about the partnership.

We spoke to Joane Ling, Senior Regional Executive, Medical & Scientific Affairs at Olympus Corporation of Asia Pacific Ltd (A-PSDE’s partner in delivering training for in endoscopy) about why they decided to come on board to start using SmartUp platform.

What is A-PSDE and what work is it involved in?

“A-PSDE, in full, refers to the Asian Pacific Society for Digestive Endoscopy. Part of our work and commitment is to train endoscopists in the Asia-Pacific region in procedural skills and knowledge, with the goal to improve healthcare in these countries.”

What are the some of the obstacles A-PSDE currently faces when it comes to training?

“On-site workshops have been the only method of training for us since 2004. In recent years, it was always on our minds to transform our training format into a more blended learning experience for A-PSDE trainees.

We’ve seen other medical societies in the endoscopy and surgery fields, as well as vendors such as Olympus, provide healthcare professionals with greater access to continuous education by developing their own websites and apps, but never got to it ourselves. With the Covid-19 global pandemic, despite a bad year for all, it gave us the opportunity to slow down in our programmes, and some breathing space to explore ways to enter the digital space.

Of course, the obstacles that we have faced all along, and hurdles that prevented us from entering the digital space did not magically disappear. We still had, and continue to face challenges such as poor internet access in many ASEAN countries, language barriers between our faculties and local trainees, potentially slow adoption rate of new technologies in these healthcare landscapes, and many more.”

“The slow adoption rate of new technologies is a continuous struggle in the region”

Why was SmartUp selected as the platform for A-PSDE?

“SmartUp was one of our top choices as the enrolment and payment structure suit our needs perfectly. In view of all the challenges we anticipate based on our experience in our target countries, we were not confident with the adoption rate, hence hope to work with a partner platform who give us the flexibility to gradually roll out this new training programme.

SmartUp allows us to enrol a small number of trainees in the first phase, and the flexibility to expand our plan of increasing the number of trainees if the programme proves to be a success. Another very important factor that tipped the scales to their favour is definitely their friendly team who helped us a great deal as we developed A-PSDE Learning Studio!”

What does A-PSDE hope to achieve with its learning programme on SmartUp?

“We hope A-PSDE Learning Studio is able to be the bridge between international expert faculties and endoscopy doctors from all over Asia.

We are happy to be the first movers among similar training groups to develop such e-learning platform that empowers community engagement. Once the Covid-19 situation eases globally, this e-learning platform will play a paramount role to complement our existing on-site training programmes.

We already have other societies and internal teams from Olympus, our partner who is helping us build this platform, asking about it!”

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