Learning digitisation and solution company Elementrix shares how it worked with Maxis to use microlearning platform SmartUp to save 200 man-days in the classroom. Their reward for this innovation? They scooped up Gold at the 2017 HR Vendors of the Year awards. 
Told to Deborah Tan 

winning an award for its learning programme for maxis
Credit: Elementrix

This was a first of its kind in Malaysia. The client brief was ‘no hard copy participant manuals, reduce the time taken in classroom training,’ using a microlearning app playing a major role in pre-course reading and with post-course reinforcement. The development program consisted of 3 modules, each of which would have been of one day duration in a face-to-face learning environment had a conventional learning strategy been adopted. The client – Maxis – was thinking different!

The customised on-line to off-line learning strategy that we designed and co-created with Maxis consisted of shorter-duration face-to face workshops and pre-and post-learning (videos and text). The duration was for 20 weeks on a mobile learning app, with full analytics.

learning strategy for maxis
Credit: Elementrix



The on-line to off-line design saved the client the equivalent of over 200 person days in the classroom. It also saved a significant amount of paper that would have been required for learning materials on the training program.

This program has been very successful and the client has now taken over managing the app and creating the content. They are able to use the data analytics from the app to further adjust and tailor the content to the learners.”

 Go For Gold! 

For this partnership with Maxis, Elementrix won a Gold for Best E-learning and Mobile Learning Providers at the 2017 HR Vendors of the Year awards. The award acknowledges providers who facilitates digital learning that is timely and relevant for clients. The platforms have to be customisable and motivational to provide flexible learning on-the-go.
Elementrix has also agreed to be a ‘SmartUp Boost Expert’. As part of this collaboration, Elementrix will continue to explore using SmartUp as the app for its customers keen on the benefits of microlearning. E-learning is more than just converting your physical books into PDF documents. With a clever strategy, your workforce can be incentivised and motivated to learn whenever and wherever they are.