This week, the SmartUp Content Studio covered topics ranging from chunking, carbs, resilience, and leadership.

Monday: We started the week off with a piece called Why You Should Learn In Chunks: Efficiency And Retention. Chunking is a powerful learning tool that helps overcome the natural limitations of your brain by organising information. If you are looking to increase your memory capacity and improve your ability to learn, this is a must read.


Tuesday: Not sure how a sample course on nutrition and health could work? Check out a sample course designed by Mark Lim on 3 Things You Don’t Know About Carbs. In recent years, there has been an increasing trend of diets which go against the grain e.g. the ketogenic diet, the carnivore diet. But there is still much to learn about carbs. This course will go through 3 things about carbs that you might not have known before.

Wednesday: Do you know what is means to be resilient? And is it always worth it? If you’ve ever asked yourself these questions, read this article by SmartUp’s CEO Deborah Tan-Pink: Should Resilience Always Have a Happy Ending? She reframes the meaning of resilience and adresses how to craft a resilient narrative. It might be a trait common in leaders, but developing resilience is no easy task.

Thursday: Now that most workplaces have been shifted online, it’s important to change the way you lead your team as well. Keeping morale high and continuing to communicate regularly while working from home is a priority. Here is an infographic explaining the Qualities of a Great Remote Team Leader.


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