Keep your edge as a trainer using a combination of SmartUp and Zoom in your virtual workshops with your students!

For the longest time, many of us have been playing down the impact of face-to-face meetings and classroom trainings. Now that the option to hold in-person events has been removed, no thanks to the Covid-19 outbreak, we – in some strange irony – are feeling the pinch.

Training institutions, schools, universities, and conference organisers have been hit hard. Many workshops and events have been rescheduled, even cancelled, in a global effort to try to stem the spread of the infection.

For professionals who have to continue collecting their CPD (Continuous Professional Development) hours, the cancellation of face-to-face workshops will prove to be at best, an inconvenience, and at worst, a career disaster.

Train Virtually on Zoom, Learn Anywhere on SmartUp

Since many employers and schools have instituted distance working/learning arrangements, video conferencing app Zoom has seen a huge uptick in its number of users. On SmartUp, you can definitely use Zoom to conduct live classes, workshops or meetings, and complement your training agenda.

To add a Zoom meeting to your SmartUp content, simply insert the Meeting URL to the Link Card. We recommend you change the title of the card to reflect the TIME and DATE for your participants to dial in. To give your virtual session an engagement boost, add a Poll or a Quiz after the Zoom card so you can get data back on your participants’ understanding or sentiment of the training.

Act Now and Stay Ahead of the Training Curve

As part of our efforts to support trainers, teachers, and lecturers (actually ANYONE!) during this period, SmartUp is offering you an EXPANDED TRIAL USE of our platform for free for 30 days. With this, you get to use the platform to deliver your training to 50 users at $0. You’ll also receive FREE content help and support from our team if you need advice on how to do this well. So, act fast and stay ahead of the curve with us! Email us at to claim your FREE trial package.

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