Teams grow exponentially with great corporate learning. But how can you hook them in?

When it comes to the next generation of corporate learning, peer-to-peer knowledge sharing is where it’s at.
Gone are the days where a single authority of knowledge reigns over lessons. With Gen 3 learning, you bring out the expert in everyone and share their knowledge with a larger community.
But here’s the catch: how do you attract learners to engage with corporate learning in the first place?
Sure, you might say, ‘I’ve got the technical knowledge for it!’, but curating this into effective learning content is another thing altogether. We’ll share 3 tips to create a great opener for your corporate learning content:

1. Get a sense of your learners’ skill level

We recommend starting out your lessons with a poll or questionnaire assessing everyone’s prior knowledge of the subject.
For instance, if you’re conducting a corporate learning session on Blockchain, you might start the lesson asking the class to rate their existing knowledge. Using that insight, you’ll be able to pitch subsequent lessons according to this competence level.
That’s where Smart Up’s gamification and Analytics dashboard comes in. On our platform, you have a record of poll responses, so you cut back on fussy log sheets and administration.
Start corporate learning the right way by using polls. Use SmartUp's Analytics function to generate reports.

2. Create an accessible entry point

Don’t assume teams are interested in the lesson’s topic.
To counter this, you need to make learners invested by forming a connection between the subject matter and their everyday experience.
And what better common entry point to use than work! One good tip is to link the subject with your team’s job scope, so they realise its relevance. Then, draw connections to how competence of the subject helps them work better.

Start corporate learning the right way by using polls.

3. Simplify jargon

Don’t get ahead of yourself and convey knowledge according to what you know.
Keep it simple without sacrificing depth of content- can you take a complicated concept and break it down using simple, non-technical jargon? Is there a relatable analogy you could use?
These guiding questions should bring you one step closer towards a superstar corporate learning strategy.

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