Gone are the days of PowerPoint presentations and thick PDFs full of text. New microlearning tools are changing the way we receive and deliver information.
By Cristian Mois

What Makes Microlearning Tools So Great?

We already know that millennials are unhappy with corporate learning. But that’s not the only cause for change. Companies are seeing immediate benefits from adopting tools and techniques that follow some set principles:

1. Flexibility

Corporate training is difficult. Trainers have a lot on their plate. They have to create all the training materials, update them as often as needed, test learners on their knowledge, offer feedback and much more. Oh, and of course, they have to actually hold the training session. That’s a lot of work and not enough time.
If trainers could leave the training room, they would be able to focus on improving processes all around. That’s where a flexible microlearning tool comes into play.
An effective microlearning tool should allow the user to take charge of the learning process. As a result, the company saves time and resources as they won’t need to have a trainer supervise everyone. Additionally, the user will have a better learning experience since he/she is given more responsibility.

The United States spent $162 billion on corporate training in 2012.
According to the Harvard Business Review.

2. Accessibility

You can’t have flexibility without accessibility. Since microlearning focuses on delivering bite-sized pieces of information, this opens up countless possibilities of adapting the training program to fit every employee’s schedule. You don’t have to gather everyone in the same room for 8 hours a day anymore.
Use microlearning tools that can be accessed anywhere. Furthermore, microlearning can make time management issues disappear. No more wasting time until everyone else finishes the assignment. With everyone in control of their learning process, each learner can progress at their own speed.

3. Engagement

It’s not easy to make engaging content. It’s even more difficult if you’re using outdated tools. In order to capture your learners’ attention, you need to combine as many learning methods as you can. Invest in microlearning tools that cater to all the different learners out there. As you know, some learn better with visual aids like charts and infographics, while others prefer watching a tutorial video.
Think outside of the box. Use a tool that can help harness your creativity and innovate your learning experience design.

60% of millennials are looking for opportunities to learn and grow when applying for a job.
According to a survey by Gallup.

4. Continuous Improvement

With more time on their hands, trainers can continuously improve the training materials. Get feedback on your microlearning content and use it to get better. Try to get as much valuable data from your learners in order to understand how they learn. By harnessing the power of data analytics, you can make sure that your content always caters to your learners.

How To Find The Perfect Microlearning Tool?

Now that we’ve gone through what makes a microlearning tool the perfect choice to enhance your corporate training, there’s only one thing to do. Find the perfect one.
The best possible scenario is to find a tool that ticks every box, right? Well, look no further.

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