Last week, we wrote about palatable learning, the benefits of starting a podcast, how to be a more communicative writer, and what a remote team needs to be successful. If you’ve missed out on any of these pieces, continue reading to know more!

Monday: Learn how to design palatable learning that is easy to digest. #smartupnow with our easy-to-use template on how you can design your content. When creating content, you need to make sure your learning experience is a valuable one for your end reader. Our tip: Put your content together as you would a protein bowl! Take the time to consider all elements of your content, from length to design. 

Tuesday: If you’re currently on the fence about starting a podcast in your company, check out our blog post on the multiple benefits of starting one. The world-wide lockdown that ensued as a result of Covid-19 meant that more time is being spent online. You won’t find a better time to start one! If you want an example, SmartUp has started our own podcast Humanizing Learning where we released our first episode in July 2019. You can check out our latest series on InsurTech here.

Wednesday: When planning and writing content, one end goal is to create high engagement. We want our copy to be relevant and engaging – the end goal is to leave the reader with valuable new insight. But to do so, you need to make your content accessible to your audience. We have compiled 3 simple, but effective steps to become a more communicative writer. 

Thursday: Now that Covid-19 has shifted our work online, everyone has been forced to change the way we work. SmartUp’s CEO Deborah Tan has created a microlearning piece on what a remote team needs in order to be successful. Simply log into SmartUp with your social media login and try this 5-minute piece on leadership and self-leadership! 

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