We live in a very productivity centred world. Efficiency is key to everything we do, from  creating faster management for your business to using the self-checkout line at the supermarket. If we prioritize efficiency in all of these aspects, then why not learning? We should be able to create an optimal learning environment and experience anywhere, anytime. Similar to most processes, learning can be done at a faster pace. But, rushing into learning can result in consequences: your learning might not have been as enjoyable and your understanding would not be as thorough. 

In order to increase efficiency and productivity while maintaining the rigor of your learning and retaining a complete understanding of the subjects at hand, you need to be able to simulate an optimal learning environment anywhere. If you can learn on the go, what’s stopping you from taking that course you have been eyeing for the past month? You won’t have an excuse to put off any learning. 

Learning On The Go

Our lives right now are the most convenient they have ever been. The modest smartphone itself is a computer. Any resources you might want or need in order to learn is easily accessible on your phone. This has made ‘learning on the go’ much easier in day-to-day life. Whether on public transport or waiting for someone, pulling up your mobile to watch an informative video or read an article has become natural.

What Is An Optimal Learning Environment?

You might wonder what an ‘optimal learning environment’ means. This term is often used when discussing and assessing traditional classroom learning, but it can also apply to learning that occurs outside of a formal classroom setting. 

The most important part of learning is your attitude. Learning is more than a physical space: an actual classroom means nothing if the learning environment isn’t an open one. A good learning environment is defined by your attitude (and in traditional classroom settings, the teacher’s attitude) towards learning. Being optimistic about your learning and invoking a sense of curiosity surrounding the subject is essential. Are you excited to learn about this topic or skill? If so, you’re more likely to learn it well, regardless of where you are, how you’re learning it.

Creating An Optimal Learning Environment For You: Learning Anywhere, Anytime

When it comes to learning something new, the time is not an important factor. It doesn’t matter when you do it, just how you’re feeling then. If your energy level is high, you’re excited to learn, and ready to start, you’re on the right track. If not, you can build up that motivation by creating a reward system for yourself. Tell yourself: once you complete this, you will treat yourself to a nice dinner or spend time with friends. After all, there’s no point in trying to learn if you don’t have the energy for it. 

As for the place, as long as your surroundings are not too loud, you can easily read a quick article, listen to a short podcast, or watch a video to learn. If you take public transport to and from work often, you are probably already used to spending your time on your phone. While sitting in a bus is a great time to start a podcast episode, read an article, or even do a few quiz questions. This also works if you are waiting for a friend or having a meal alone. When taking a break during the day, doing a little piece of a course is a great way to mix things up.

To ensure a thorough and enjoyable learning experience anywhere, keep these things with you at all times:

  1. Your phone. This is an obvious one since you use your phone a lot, especially if you are learning something on the go. Just make sure it’s charged.
  2. Headphones. This one also makes sense –– having a good pair of headphones with you will help in listening to podcasts or videos. They also work great for noise cancelation.
  3. A book. Books have become somewhat ‘old school’ since Kindles and other E-readers are much more convenient. But, it comes in handy when you have free time during the day and want a break from your screen. 

Microlearning has become a more and more popular concept because of its efficiency and effectiveness in teaching. In order to harness the power of these amazing tools and your own smartphone, use these strategies to create an optimal learning environment anywhere you are. Whether on the subway, or waiting in line, you can invest in your learning journey anytime, anywhere.

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