When the COVID-19 pandemic hit last year, many industries were affected. There were clear winners e.g. e-commerce players, logistics, video conferencing, streaming services.

Unfortunately, many businesses were also negatively impacted as a result of COVID-19. Food and beverage, tourism, hospitality, MICE, and retail were just some of those hit by the pandemic.

As part of an effort to help retail workers in the fashion and beauty industry, iDA’SG started working with SmartUp to put their training content online. We spoke to Ms Angeline Yap, Managing Director of iDA’SG, to find out what the organisation hopes to achieve in a post-COVID-19 world.

Who is iDA’SG?

iDA’SG is a wholly-owned subsidiary of World Mode Holdings (WMH) which offers retail solutions and services to retail fashion and beauty companies in Singapore. We are committed to contributing to the changing retail landscape by providing professional support and consultation services in talent search, career coaching, training design and retail technology.

What is iDA’SG’s mission?

Our mission at iDA’SG is to provide world-class retail consultant services; elevate and contribute to the retail industry through strategic recruiting and training of retail professionals and by offering a suite of value-added technology solutions.

What are some of the unique challenges that retail operators and staff face in the post-pandemic market?

According to the Singapore Department of Statistics, retail sales fell at a slower pace (nearly 28%) year-on-year in June as we exited the COVID-19 Circuit Breaker period. Many buyers flocked online to buy everything. This led to a surge in e-commerce sales.

Shifts in consumer behaviour have been evident. In the past, customers used to search only for items they wanted. Now, they are more engaged and browse through more options online. To meet customers’ demands and keep business sustainable, most retailers need to accelerate and implement tactical plans to switch immediately from offline to online platforms. The priority for companies is to design a strong Business Continuity Plan to ensure the safety of both employees and customers whilst maintaining effective store operations in anticipation of economic recovery.

How has iDA’SG adapted to a post-pandemic world?

iDA’SG believes in providing continuous learning and promoting skills upgrading for individuals to adapt to the changing demands of retail customers. Our micro-modules are centred around personal development, fashion, and beauty. Learn on the go, anywhere and any time of the day!

As part of our continuous efforts to engage, grow and give back to the retail community, we host a series of workshop webinars for people looking to acquire new skills while staying home and staying safe. Skill certification programs for beauty and fashion are in the works so watch our space on the Retail Infinity community on SmartUp.

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated digital transformation. As a committed retail service enabler for the community, we also saw the opportunity to offer MyBRANDS.sg; a Singapore first and only dedicated online job site developed for passionate retail talents in Fashion & Beauty. Through this unprecedented portal, we help promote job seekers’ personal values and credentials to hiring brands. Designed with a seamless user interface, one can now manage career search in 1 single touchpoint. A multitude of career opportunities is immediately available. Visit the link below to find out more: https://mybrands.sg/.

What new skills do you feel will be necessary for post-pandemic retail?

Digital literacy is key! Learning how to navigate various digital communication tools and software programs is primarily important to stay relevant to meet rapid changes in job requirements for retail future. At iDA’SG, we focus our development of micro modules in this area and more will be featured in 2021!

If you’re part of the retail industry and are looking to upskill yourself for the post-pandemic future, sign up and join the Retail Infinity community on SmartUp today.

Find out more about how SmartUp can work with you here, and if you would like to speak to our team, get in touch here.