This week, the SmartUp Content Studio dived into the following topics: testing to improve learning, the challenges of digital training, the benefits of podcasts, and our latest episodes on Humanizing Learning.

Monday: We’ve all taken tests before, right? They’ve always been dreaded things that exist to measure skill that will help you land better opportunities. But there’s more to testing. Testing can improve your learning outcomes in many ways, from retention of knowledge to transferring it into a new context.


Tuesday: We revisited our latest webinar, “Talking is not Training” with panellists from Cycle & Carriage SingaporeNMG Consulting, and FranklinCovey who talked about the challenges of transitioning face-to-face training to digital. You can watch the whole thing here.


Wednesday: Have you been listening to podcasts lately? If so, you’re in good company! If you’re wondering what the benefits of listening to podcasts, read “Are Podcasts Becoming A Thing Now?” Not only are they a great way to fill up time, but listening to them is investing in your own learning.

Thursday: Speaking of podcasts, SmartUp’s podcast, Humanizing Learning has recently released two new episodes! Learn How Behavioural Science Can Help You To Improve the Customer Journey with Richard Bordenave, CEO APAC of BVA Nudge Unit and start Leveraging On Crises As Transformational Opportunities with Laurence Smith, a Digital Transformation Thought Leader. You can listen on apple podcasts and Spotify!

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