Alas, the crowd has voted – the human may still be the better teacher.

In our recent teaching experiment, we pit our CEO, Eunice Goh, against Colossyan’s AI-Generated Jade to educate our audience on current education trends. Eunice and Jade delivered the same short 30-second lesson on the latest education trends. We asked our LinkedIn audience to vote for the better teacher.

62% of voters felt that Eunice delivered the lesson better than Jade, and fascinating insights were shared. For example, one voter felt that if the lesson were short, it would be easier to learn from AI-Generated Jade and a human presenter lands better in longer-form video lesson delivery. Another voter mentioned that the type of content should determine the kind of presenter.

This is just the tip of the iceberg as we look into the future of content creation in e-learning. In the past, e-learning content creation was restricted to those with the skills to create SCORM or HTML courses. Today, learning platforms have built-in content creation tools that democratize lesson creation facilitating peer-to-peer learning. On top of that, there has also been an expansion in digital learning content formats. Creative educators are also harnessing popular social media platforms to make lessons enjoyable (see How Teachers are Transforming TikTok into an EdTech Tool).

When it comes to video content creation, one of the main pains is the time taken to film and edit the video lesson. To help creators save time, the Colossyan Creator – an AI video creation software, allows educators to generate hyper-realistic actors to create video lessons in minutes by inserting a text script. In our experience using the software, this drastically reduced the time taken to generate the video.

The evolution of digital learning content formats is driven by changing learning behaviours, and the ultimate goal of educators is to achieve learning efficacy. There is much more to be examined on whether a human or AI-generated presenter is better for learning content delivery, and we cannot wait to see how e-learning continues to evolve.