We LOVE hearing what the community thinks, therefore, LinkedIn polls are our to-go tool to find out what people are thinking about in the industry! 

We have collected some data from 3 recent Linkedin polls about the learning industry and here are the results. 



Does digital learning actually speed up the learning process? 

  • 43% of our community voted “Depending on the topic”, 41% voted “Yes” and 16% voted “No”. 
  • It was a close call between “Depending on the topic” and “Yes”. 
  • We understand that some topics are harder to teach through digital learning, for example, more technical and hands-on activities like learning how to operate machinery. 
  • However with the evolution of technology, nothing is really impossible anymore now – there are so many new features to cater to each and every learning topic. 

(We are leaning more towards “Yes”, what about you?) 


If you only had to choose one, what is the most important learning metric? 

  • We had the top 4 learning metrics as the poll choices. 38% chose Completion Rates, followed by 28% choosing Quiz Performance, 21% chose Duration of Learning and 14% Time/Day of Learning. 
  • We were surprised to see that completion rates were seen as more important than quiz performance. 
  • We do believe that learning and completing courses is a more effective learning metric in comparison to quiz performance as yes, it’s ok to score poorly or fail a quiz – it’s all part of the learning process! 


What are users learning on mobile right now? 

  • With so much talk about mobile learning, we had to put out this poll. 43% chose learning a New Language, followed by 38% choosing Self Development, 14% chose Lifestyle Courses and 5% voted for Financial Literacy. 
  • In our previous article on mobile learning, we discussed why people were leaning towards mobile learning and what they were learning. It comes as no surprise that most people are learning a new language through mobile now – it’s so easy and accessible and with hundreds of mobile apps catering to learning a new language, we definitely agree on this one! 


We want to hear more about what you think moving forward.  If you are loving these discussions, follow us on LinkedIn for future polls and insights. See you there!