This week, we covered: Compliance, Creating An Optimal Learning Environment, Working From Home, and Key Takeaways from “How To Think Like A Rocket Scientist”.

Monday: We’ve all heard of compliance and have accepted that we have certain requirements when it comes to performing our job duties. But what exactly is compliance? #smartupnow and check out the sample course on Why Compliance Is Important Regardless of Your Business Size. Compliance should not be seen as just another item on the checklist of running your business, but also as an avenue to bring about positive outcomes for your business.

Tuesday: Are you struggling to find time to invest in your learning? If so, learn how to Create An Optimal Learning Environment Anywhere. In order to increase efficiency and productivity while maintaining the rigor of your learning and retaining a complete understanding of the subjects at hand, you need to be able to simulate an optimal learning environment anywhere. Whether on the subway, or waiting in line, you should be investing in your learning journey with these strategies!

Wednesday: Now that most of us have been forced to work from our homes, what kind of challenges have you been facing? Or, has it been just all smooth-sailing? Mark Lim shares his thoughts on his experience working from home in his piece, Will Working From Home Work For You? If you’ve been wondering about the pros and cons of working from home, this article is a must read!

Thursday: If you’re looking for a brief run-through of what it means to run a successful business, CEO Deborah Tan-Pink has shared her key takeaways from Ozan Varol’s “Think Like A Rocket Scientist”. Hailed as one of 2020’s must-reads and recommended by the likes of Bill Gates and Malcolm Gladwell, “Think Like a Rocket Scientist” challenges you to question assumptions and status quo so you can make “giant leaps in work and life”.

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