Founded late 2015 in the the U.K., SmartUp started off as a peer-to-peer learning app with content exchanging from entrepreneurs within the Founders Forum network before we landed DBS Bank in Singapore as our first commercial client. After our success with DBS in 2017, we continued to expand strongly in the Asian region and Singapore now serves as the main hub, serving clients from all over the world.

Platform - SmartUp offers a platform where people can learn, interact and share on any device. Having integrated features that people love from the best social and workplace platforms, your users will enjoy a consumer-grade learning experience.

Content - Regardless of platform, your content has to be fit for the audience and that is where our content team comes in. We start with the audience in mind to help you outline and deliver your knowledge sharing strategy - including support, execution and launching of your learning programme.

Let’s revolutionize learning together!


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