With roots as a peer-to-peer learning app for content exchange among entrepreneurs from the Founders Forum network, SmartUp is now a platform that turns professional knowledge into revenue.

Established organisations such as Marsh, Cycle & Carriage, GoToko, the Institute of Banking & Finance and the Singapore College of Insurance use us to create their digital academies for client training and adult learning.

Mobile learning is the preferred form of adult learning and our digital academies are mobile-first. Each client gets their own branded app, without going through the hassle of complicated design meetings or user acceptance tests.

Platform - SmartUp offers a platform where people can learn, interact and share on any device. Having integrated features that people love from the best social and workplace platforms, your learners will enjoy a consumer-grade learning experience.

Content - Regardless of platform, your content has to be fit for the audience and that is where our learning content team come in. We start with the audience in mind to help you outline and deliver your knowledge sharing strategy - including support, execution and launching your programme.


To power trainers in creating digital academies with great engagement.


To be the training platform of choice, helping trainers humanize digital learning.