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Engage your new employees with a mobile, dynamic onboarding experience

Use SmartUp to immerse them in your company culture, even before their first day

Take them on a virtual orientation tour and introduce your HR policies

Entertain them with quizzes and challenges, test their knowledge and skills.

Onboard and Inspire New Talent

Energize your Compliance Training

Make your compliance training dynamic and engaging

Free employees from old-style desktop training with an interactive mobile experience

Build your own in-house training. Quickly and easily update with all the latest regulations

Don’t waste time chasing. Set mandatory content, track completion and automate reminders

Use SmartUp to drive a culture of compliance in your organization.

Train and Engage 

your Gig Workforce

Onboard and train, reach and engage your workforce. Whenever they need, wherever they are

Easily adapt your training to different countries, cities and languages

Kill churn. Boost your conversion and retention with exciting mobile programs

Inspire your workforce with competitions, micro-courses, and tips for thriving in the gig economy.

Deliver Fast + Flexible 

Product Training

Keep your sales teams and external partners up-to-date with all the latest product news and features

Quickly, easily and on-the-go

Enhance your training with quizzes and surveys. Get rich data insights to see what sales teams understand, and where they need more training

With SmartUp, sales teams have the product knowledge they need, when they need it.

Go Beyond Intranet,

PDFs, Email and


Make SmartUp your interactive home for training and communications

From HR policies to company news, leadership messages and inspiration

SmartUp helps employees easily find the information they need, when they need it

Quiz and poll your organization to get real actionable data insights

SmartUp’s API also connects to major LMS, Slack, Yammer and other messaging.

Unlock Knowledge

and Map Talent 

Uncover your employees’ hidden knowledge and skills. Cut through traditional structures, silos and hierarchies.

Use SmartUp’s interactive gamification to discover and map talent across your organization

Empower your employees to create content, and show what they know

Build a culture of knowledge-sharing in your organization.

Drive and Scale your

Innovation Strategy

Train your employees in new digital skills, and build their awareness of innovation and disruption in your industry

Prepare them for the future of work

Scale your digital transformation strategy across teams and offices, cities and countries

Use SmartUp as your mobile micro-companion to existing learning programmes. 

We integrate with major LMS solutions.

Maximize your

Classroom Time

Face-to-face learning is costly and time-consuming

Make the best of it. Deliver pre- and post-learning through SmartUp

Prepare your employees with micro-courses that drive engagement and interest

Build continuous learning and improve post-classroom retention with SmartUp challenges.

Gamify your


and Events

Enhance your virtual and real-world events with SmartUp

Drive digital weeks, leadership conferences and company retreats with all-hands competitions, themed challenges, and continuous engagement

Use SmartUp for pre-event guidance, and follow-up information

Get rich data insights into your attendees and success metrics.