SmartUp helps you reach and engage, train and 
inspire employees, teams and partners

Create micro-learning courses and content, enhanced with interactive gamification 
and rich data insights

your organization's knowledge and talent

It's fast and effective for a smartphone generation

Engage your new employees 
- even before Day One

Build your own in-house training, make compliance dynamic



The Gig Economy

Train and engage your workforce, anywhere and anytime

Empower your Talent, Unlock Knowledge

Unlock Insights,

Reveal Talent

PDF, Powerpoint and Intranet don’t show what people know and learn

SmartUp's deep insights reveal hidden talent in your organization

Track engagement and achievements with powerful rich data and analytics

Map your employees’ skills and connect their strenghts

Create with 


Empower your people to unlock their knowledge and talent.

With Smartup, creating content and courses is quick and easy.

Gamify it all with interactive quizzes and micro-surveys.

Enhance it with video, pictures and GIFs.

Make discovery, training and learning exciting with our unique micro-format.

Gamify your Knowledge

Make training and learning engaging, and feel like a game

Challenge your SmartUp community with quizzes and polls

Members earn points when they create, learn, and share

Leaderboards track top performers, 

badges reinforce achievement

Share with SmartUp

Reach the talent you need. Whenever you want, wherever they are.

Build your SmartUp community with unlimited customizable channels and streams.

Adapt and target your content to employees across teams and time zones, countries and continents.

Build playlists and courses. Set featured and mandatory training.

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